5 new films in development

CPHDOX/Lab, collaboration film with Rania Attieh and Marie Losier-2012
An impressionistic dual portrait of life off stage and in the ring of aging women wrestlers  and exoticos in Mexico
city’s La Lucha libre!

Peaches Goes Banana!
Marie Losier’s second feature film will be the intimate portrait of singer and performance artist Peaches.

Lucha VaVoom
Lucha VaVOOM is the world’s only big-bang smash of authentic Lucha Libre, classic burlesque, and comedy.

April March
Dearest Elinor Blake is April March! Fictionalized portrait in intertwined vignettes of her life.

Mario Montes in Flame
Whimsical and intimate portrait of  Jack Smith and Andy Warhol ’s muse, superstar Mario Montes,  the flame of the cult film Flaming Creatures.