Welcome To Marie Losier

A well known French filmmaker and curator who is deeply passionate about what she does
and who understands the ins and outs of filmmaking

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Massive Mapping Of Cinematic Genres

Her full-length films and short films have raised tremendous praise over the years.

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Official Filmography For Working Title Films

Have a look at Marie’s list of films to learn more about her.

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French Filmmaker And Curator

Marie has a deep immersion in the arts and has undoubtedly achieved excellence in filmmaking.

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Carl L. Marshall

“Marie brings her unique vision and rare talent to the world of filmmaking. Her work is poignant and transformative.”


Holly J. Aguila

“Marie’s personality is very well reflected in all her work. Like her work, she is charming and unconventional.”


Michelle D. Siggers

“I deeply enjoyed Marie’s film portraits and think of her as a breath of fresh air. Her explorations are wonderful and full of insight.”

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“ Marie Losier is an award winning filmmaker for a reason. Her work is fascinating to behold. She really stands out in the filmmaking community.”

– Roger L. Eakins