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It is a vast world where everyone is working hard in their respective domains to achieve success in life. Many have already become successful in leaving a significant mark with their excellent skills and great work, while others are still working towards making their way to it. Whether you have already achieved success or not, working on and maintaining stability is necessary because just one-time success might go in vain. One such person who has been successful in leaving her mark in the filmmaking industry is Marie Losier.

About Marie Losier

A resident of New York for the past 20 years, Marie Losier is a French filmmaker and curator who has excelled in this art form and has well deservingly bagged many honours for herself. Her career as the fil curator is at French Institute Alliance Francaise since the year 2000. She has been a student of literature at the University of Nanterre situated in France and has also studied fine arts at Hunter College, New York.


Her work includes many film portraits of many other artists, including directors, composers, musicians etc. Guy Maddin, Tony Conrad, Alan Veg, to name a few. Her first feature film was also based on one of the musicians named Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and their partner. It was titled The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye that after being premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2011, went on win awards like the Teddy and the Calgary Awards.

Marie Losier has portrayed her work on many platforms internationally. These include various museums, biennials, galleries, festivals etc. Her films have successfully created an enormous impact on people, ultimately making them fall in love with her work. It is the reason why she has in store an honour of her films being shown on a regular basis in some of the very prestigious festivals and museums like Tribeca Film Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival, Palais de Tokyo, Berlinale, Tate Modern, Museum of Modern Art etc.


There are many more awards that she has been honoured with. These include the prestigious DAAD Residency Award that she got in Berlin for her fantastic work in her feature film titled Peaches Goes Bananas! Also, the Grand Prize that she received at Indielisboa, the Guggenheim Award that she received for her work on the film titled Cassandro, The Exotico that was based on the Mexican wrestler. And this list of awards continues, being a marker of her excellence to portray her ideas along with the life of some know people too well on the screen.

Some of her famous works


Her work has been successful enough to receive a lot of love from the audience. It includes full-length films like The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye and Cassandro, the Exotico!. Other than that, she has made many short films that include Masha Natasha, Cet Air La, Slap the Gondola!, Peaches and Jesper Fell in the water, who Stays Afloat and a lot more.

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